Monday, May 23, 2022

About 400 cart was destroyed in lagos by lawma, complained by cart pushers

400 carts was destroyed by lawma ( lagos waste management authority says by the cart  pushers 

Mr Ibrahim Odumboni (the MD of LAWMA) refering to the newsmen  that the keeping of waste by the cart pushers at the violation of the environmental law of the state 

The MD of LAWMA said they also constituted a security challenge to the main city of the country through their degenerate activities.

He said that the activities, which would be a continuous one, became necessary to weaken the ability of the cart pushers to return to business.

the exercise will reduce the cart population defacing the cityscape, adding that the activities of cart pushers across the Lagos main city remained banned for now, according to him

He notice that cart pushers posed threat not only to environmental sustainability but to the security of residents, as many cart pushers harmful weapons , to committ criminal activities.

“Cart pushers are about the biggest threat to our effort at attaining environmental configuration.

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