Thursday, May 26, 2022

Nigerian comedian known as Investor sabinus threatens by bobrisky , " i will soon arrest you says by Bobrisky"

Sabinus was threatens by bobrisky because of what he commented on Bobrisky's post on social media 
Bobrisky reacted according to what Sabinus comment on his post on facebook
Bobrisky  stated out about enjoying his boy friend's money on the his post on facebook 
Sabinus hailed bobrisky 
By saying , senior man your face show your shine 
He got annoyed by the comment ,i will soon arrest you, says by bobrisky 
The news has been trending on social media how bobrisky threatens Investor sabinus
However bobrisky who has obviously taken up to the feminine gender desipite being a man, he has continously made headline with this lifestyle
To the extend that he is no more refering himself as a male 
He want people to be recongised  him as female 
Bobrisky has turned himself into opposite gender 

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