Tuesday, May 24, 2022

No available treatment for Monkeypox desease says by NCDC

Monkeypox infection ,there is no specific treatments for the disease stated by The Nigeia center for Disease Control (NCDC) 

NCDC also told Nigerians to take action to prevent contracting the disease

A Scarce disease that is caused by infection with the monkeypox virus , comes from the orthopoxvirus genus in the family poxvirride.

According to Dr olorunnimbe mamora (the Minister of State for Health) refers to Nigeria that NCDC is making everything possible to decrease the spread of the disease.
The World health Organisation (WHO) is indigenous to West and Central African Countries ,has surfaced in some European countries

The NCDC says that 15 out of the 46 suspected cases reported had been confirmed , in some countries , the United Kingdom (UK) , Spain, Isreal, Canadan, Lebanon , the United state of American (USA) and Portugal among others have started to report cases.
Acording to WHO noted that it has been released last week says that the outbreak of the monkeypox disease is being discovered in countries it is not prevalant
There are no specific treatment available for monkeypox infection NCDC noted on may 23

To prevent monkeypox infection include: Don't make use of any sick or dead animal , keep yourself away from any material that has been in contact sick animal, always wash your hands after playing with animals 
 NCDC is still on going doing everything possible to decrease the spread of the Monkeypox Desease.

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