Monday, May 23, 2022

Not every pastor is being called by God almight in heaven

The so called  ghanaian pastor was caught sleeping with another man's wife in her matrimonial bed 
He was caught by his friends ,they captured  him with picture and videotape 
The ordaine christian minister , acccording to him the woman called him to come over that she was boring she was alone in the house that she needs a friend  to be with her.
The pastor left his ministry and what he was suppose to and rush to the lady's house desipite 
He had an appointment (evangelism) but he abandoned it , i want to acompany her by praying for her says by the pastor 
Whe he arrived he ask about her husband the woman said that her husband went for outside work 
As they were discussing all of a sudden their discusion ended up in the act committing immorality . what an abomination !

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