Sunday, May 29, 2022

portable Zazuu Involved in a car accident


Portable the Nigerian singer survived a car accident ,Rang rover that was given to him as a gift , the singer shared a video where he showed the damage of his car 

Portable was heard praying that he does not encounter what will eliminate  him on his way to his means of lifetime . 
Watch the video below :

Portable took to his Instagram story channel, accused some people to be behind the evil situation as his Range Rover could be seen facing a building it has hit.

He also gave an account of how the crash happened as he suggested that some people with fetish hands have touched the ride:

“Help me remove my car before it tumbles I applied the brake when it was going on a free movement.
Check the high hill I want to climb. They have an eye on this car, they’ve touched it with magical hands but nothing will happen to a child of God. I will remove part of the money we use for enjoyment to fix it, the front and back haven’t spoil.”

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