Wednesday, June 29, 2022

African vehicle manufacturer, Innoson has created jobs for a good number of Nigerians

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company produces diverse vehicles for all purposes.Located in the Anambra state of Nigeria, From commercial, private use, to security vehicles, using world class technology. His vehicles have received interest from consumers in Africa and beyond.

Logo ( IVM) - Innoson vehicle Manufacturing  . In His company,  one is served with sophisticated robotic operation with which almost all the vehicles are manufactured locally. The Construction and assembly of most of the parts are carried out right there in the factory. Like many other giant automakers, Innoson only outsources few parts such as the battery, brain box etc.

As an indigenous manufacturer, Innoson has created jobs for a good number of Nigerian youths who are involved in the manufacturing processes from start to finish. The company source graduates from tertiary institutions across the country who are then trained and deployed by few expatriates.

Innoson has equally made provisions for those without certificates. They are trained and equally deployed to work. In all, apart from putting Nigeria on the world map in the auto industry, Innoson has contributed immensely to resolving the issue of youth unemployment and also provide funds for charity. He employs those without certificates

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