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APGA cannot mourn the exit of Mr Peter Obi With all these secret finding surrounding by Edwin Chukwujekwu & Nonyelum Nwokoye

More Secrets of Mr Peter Obi Unveiled
By Igbo Kwenu
According to them  APGA cannot mourn the exit of Mr Peter Obi
With all these secret gotten surrounding

1. Peter Obi should explain his relationship with
former Military Administrator, Governor Ibim
Princewill and Col Earnest Kizito Attah of
Cross River State whom he helped as a
conduit to fleece Cross River State
government thus contributing to the under
development of the state
2. Those who knew Peter Obi will attest to
the fact that he has been a drug dealer
beginning from his days as an undergraduate
at UNN. He was hardly attending lectures and
only managed to graduate with a third class
in Philosophy after spending 12 years in the

3.Peter Obi 's  brother in-law who is one
of the hirelings used by him for his nefarious
drug trafficking business is currently
languishing in jail in far away London . This is
the major cause of strain between Obi and
his in-laws. It is on record that his closeness
to Dubem Obazie was the because he Dubem
served jail term for drug trafficking because
of Peter.

4. Obi should explain to Ndi Anambra the
circumstances surrounding his father's
death which remains his best kept secret.
Before then we can reveal that Obi's father
was drowned to death by Obi's associates in
the drug trade whom he short-changed in a
business deal prompting the mafias to kill
the old man whom they drowned bounded
hands and feet with bricks round his neck.

5.According to him , Given the level of insecurity in Anambra
state , "Saint" Peter Obi should explain how
he expends his security vote since it is on
record that he collects over 470 million naira
per month as security vote (220 million naira
from Local Government and 250 million Naira
from the state FAC accounts)

6. Just as Peter Obi professes his
Catholicism for political expediency, we ask
him to summon the moral courage and
explain to Catholic faithful his relationship
with the Olumba Olumba Obu (000) Cult
sect where his wife is a known member. It is
also on record that Peter Obi met the wife at
a night club in Auchi. The lady had two
children from two different men -an Albino
and a Ghanaian. The affirmed Catholic is yet
to wed his wife in the church.

7. Petet Obi is yet to explain the mystery behind the
250 million naira that was found in the
possession of his aides. He is yet to produce
the contractor and publish the contractual
agreement that stipulates that this very
contractor will be paid in cash and also a
reference to any other known precedents.
Not even the famous late Barkin Zuwo of
Kano State paid contractors in cash.

8. Peter Obi should explain why he has continued
to loot the resources of the state using his
brother, Ndibe Obi, Ejike Onwusogbulu and a
certain Chidi Agbapu -a Lagos based stock
broker as a conduit for money laundering
while the youths in Anambra remain

9. He aldo said he was elected governor on the platform
of APGA and it is on record that he never
convened an APGA meeting thereby
destroying the entire party structure. Obi
should explain to party faithfuls and loyalists
why he destroyed the party;

10. Obi should explain to Ndi Anambra what happened to the state local government
allocations and why Anambra under Obi is
the only state in Nigeria without elected local
government officers in place?

In view of the foregoing, we demand his
immediate resignation or face further
disclosure of his criminal past and present.

Edwin Chukwujekwu

Nonyelum Nwokoye


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