Wednesday, June 22, 2022

I Smokes At least 15 -26 Cigarettes per day , Snoop Dogg says..

Snoop has become a modern-day renaissance man over the last 10 years, so perhaps he’s not smoking like he used to. Whatever the case, he’s making the most of his weed-friendly reputation and loving every minute of it.
Everyone knows Snoop Dogg and marijuana go hand-in-hand like a pair of newlyweds. 

In the video, Stewart asks Snoop, “The question they’re going to ask is whether or not Snoop is smoking. Can you tell me how many of those special cigarettes you smoke a day do you think?”

Snoop replies, “It depends. When I’m shooting television, maybe about 15 a day. But when I’m making music, probably about 25 and the thing is when I’m with Martha, she’s the secondhand queen. I make sure she gets all the secondhand smoke.”

His love for cannabis culture is well-documented and has extended into his own brand — Leafs By Snoop. As his Snoop & Martha’s Potluck Dinner Party co-host Martha Stewart plots the premiere of her new podcast, The Martha Stewart Podcast, a preview starring the one and only Snoop Dogg is making the rounds.

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