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I want to study medicine ,a brilliant Corn seller Scored 279 in Jamb

According to Francis, Blessing scored 279 in JAMB and desires to read medicine at the university, but a lack of financial wherewithal meant she had to be selling corn to make ends meet at least. Francis said he was thrilled by how the young lady spoke and shared a 5-minute video on LinkedIn of her dissecting the cause of insecurity in the north.
A Nigerian man known as Francis Ngozi, has taken to LinkedIn to appeal to an intelligent and articulate corn seller named Blessing. 

Blessing; In my 1st JAMB, I chose Medicine, I scored high but wasn’t admitted,” FUNAAB Overall Best Graduating Student Blessing in her argument posited that the main reason for the rising insecurity in the north was a lack of education. 

According to her, an uneducated average northerner is like a gun in the hands of selfish politicians and terrorists as they have no mind of their own due to a lack of education. She lamented that the number of out-of-school kids in the north is on the high side compared to other regions of the country. Her solution to nipping insecurity in the bud is simple – education. Francis said Blessing sells corn to support her mum. He furthered that such a bright girl shouldn’t be allowed to waste away selling corn. In the Francis words: “I was going to buy corn from her and then a conversation sparked up that led to the things you’ll hear below. The camera from my friend started to roll. I was thrilled personally. I then inquired more about her and learnt that she had taken JAMB and wants to study medicine. She scored 279. I feel she’s too smart to be left like this on the street. I discovered also that she’s making a lot of efforts in supporting her mother to sponsor her education through their roast corn business. “Such brains, I think need to be cultivated and harvested.

 Let the economic condition of her family due to bad governance not be any further hindrance to the actualization of the great potentials in her. Pls let’s help her. “Below is her account details. Nothing is too small my people. Nothing would be too big either. Blessing deserves more than she’s experiencing. 
She drop her account number 0112484917.. Eguagie Blessing. Union Bank In a comment, Francis revealed that many have reached out to her confirmed her details, and offered her a scholarship. 
He wrote: “Many have reached out to her and have confirmed other details. Some others are also trying to get her scholarships.“ 

 Reacts to the video:
  Akin.f Akin : Shows once again that most times, poverty isn’t a function illiteracy, but that of denied, unavailable or very limited opportunities in a skewed society 

Lydia Ajiboye : I’m now 41, but this girl just remind me of my teenage years helping my mum do exactly the same. Education was my priority too. And up till now I’ve not stopped studying. She is very right. This is a great future for Nigeria If the developed country doesn’t take her. Nigeria has no value for this talent young ones. 
Jessica okoli : Let her apply to covenant University. They are offering scholarships to their schools in Kwara and another southern state through their foundation for people who scored above 250 in Jamb .

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