Wednesday, June 15, 2022

I was unable to do the job because I have mental health issues ( Nollywood Actress) Ada Ameh cries out for help

 Ada Ameh the Nollywood actress made a video where she revealed about some issues she is currently facing  with ,The actress revealed a company has sued her after she failed to do handle the project assigned to her Ada said she was unable to do the job as she was battling mental health at the time she got the offer .

The actress and one of the characters in the popular soap operas ‘The Johnsons’ Ada Ameh in a video has cried out for help as she revealed that she had been sued for failing to do a job she got from a company. According to Ameh, she could not carry out the job as she was battling mental issues. 

According to the actress in the viral video she said the company was suing her for an amount she is unable to afford, while she admitted that the lawsuit is taking her life, she, however, said she would get over it. 

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