Thursday, June 23, 2022

Popular Nigerian Singer listed out the problems facing the Country and Why you should get your PVC

ASSU STRIKE : Federal Universities has been on Strike for about 4 Months , Students are really Complaining they also protested against it but yet Government did nothing

FULANI HERDSMEN : Many Farmers has gone break for now due to fulani herdsmen killings everywhere they are afraid to go farm 

CHURCH ATTACKS : Killings in some churches mostly at North , Many churches has been attacked by unknown gunmen / Sucide bomb

TRAVELING BY ROAD : This Time around there are so many kidnapping everywhere , because of that  people refused to use public transportation .

TRAVEL BY TRAIN - Bandits everywhere.
GRADUATION : Students  after graduating from school- No job, you will a graduate pushing wheelbarrow , Driving Keke Can you imagine.

FOOD : food is very expensive many people are diying with her , everything is costly now  

 FUEL AND ELECTRICITY: No Light , Fuel Subcidy  . 
Go and get your PVCs  let's put all this things to ."- Peter Okoye.

Mr P lists out major problems facing the
country and why you should get your PVC.

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