Tuesday, June 28, 2022

See what happened - A brilliant security officer goes back to school

According to the social media post linkedIn ,Idris known as security officer , who has worked for several years as a security officer returned back to a Nigerian university as a part-time student to bag his Bachelor’s Degree. His supervisor, Ayomide Babalola who narrated his story on Linkedin stated that Idris is a very hardworking person.

  Ayomide -Chai!!! You could not miss him with his smart and military-like salute for staff and customers,”  he says  about Idris.

Ayomide narrated that Idris told him about his academic aspirations to become a Bachelor’s Degree holder. He had previously studied for a Diploma Degree and sought to upgrade himself to get the opportunity of showing his brilliance

Fortunately for Idris, by the time he concluded his Bachelor’s Degree, a position has been open in the bank.

“One of our staff members got a higher role in the bank and was about to be moved to another department. Idris came to me and told me he was qualified and interested in the ‘would be vacant position’. My interest was piqued. Nothing gets me more than people development especially my team members,” Ayomide narrated

Idris was thereafter grilled to test his capabilities and academic qualification to work as a banker. He aced all the tests and finally got the opportunity to show his brilliance.

Ayomide finds the story of Idris highly inspiring to many young persons around the world and advises everyone to work hard for their growth and development.

Source ; Sholarship Region.com

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