Tuesday, June 21, 2022

The house took me 5 Months to build , A young Nigerian man has inspired many people after he showed off his house.

According to the young man  "Na God dey run am" as he motivated people to keep working hard in whatever endeavour they are on. 

In another part of the clip, the structure was seen at the lintel level and about being roofed. When people saw the completed project, they were amazed. The compound was interlocked all through. 

 It Cost me Millions of Naira, according to him on the viral  Video on Tuesday, June 21, 2022 at 7:43 AM .
 Joseph Omotayo A young man went online to show off the beautiful building he completed with millions of naira in five months The successful man thanked God for helping him with the task as he advised people to keep working hard Nigerians thronged his comment section to congratulate him as some wondered when they would be rich enough to have a house.
See people's comments below; 

merrickofficial : "I tap from this blessings .

 Rag doll : "I know say God nor Dey sleep for my side,one day God go surly bless all the hustlers." britoo said: "congrat boss the same God wey run am for you go run am for us."

 ADEBAYO SAMUEL681 : "How many rooms and how many plot of land." 

beliv05 : "See am na clean and fresh e no easy congratulations bro may God wey do your own do mine." 

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