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What You need know more yourself, life is journey and everyday you will learn new thing about yourself .(Read more)

It’s easy to become lost in life.  You see people doing things and you can easily feel that you are somehow being left behind.

This is not really the issue.  In this life on earth, one thing I have realised is that it is so easy to compare yourself to someone else without fully understanding who you really are.

What do you really know about yourself?

In order to make a comparison between two things the only way it can be fair is if you are comparing apples to apples and not apples to pineapples.

How can you compare yourself to someone you went to school with when you have different talents, different feelings and different upbringings?

So ,There is only one original version of you and that is you.

In order to find true happiness, there are many important things to know about yourself.

Don't look down on yourself always

See what you need to about yourself :

1. You are the original:

  You are the master copy of yourself, anyone that tries to be like you is just a copy.

How do you treat things when they are the original?

You have to look after the thing because once it’s gone or damaged that’s it, you can’t replicate it.

The same can be said for you. You need to understand yourself and treat yourself with care, love and attention.

Stop doubting your abilities by falling into the comparison trap.  Just because everyone eats three strawberries in the morning doesn’t mean that you have too as well.

You might want to eat four oranges instead and that’s ok because you are the original of yourself and not a copy of someone else.

Never try to be the same as someone else.  Not only is it impossible but you will also find that you will be miserable doing this because you will fail at doing it.

If you are quirky, be the best quirky you can be, if you are a nerd, be the best nerd, if you are caring be the most caring person you can be.

The sooner you come to terms with your character and what makes your you, the sooner you will be a lot happier within yourself.

2. What makes you happy

What makes you happy in life?  I mean the kind of happiness you get that when you think about it later or 1year , not  the temporary happiness you get when you buy new designer .

Do you enjoy helping others?

Do you enjoy being a mum?

Do you enjoy creating ?

Do you enjoy being a Dad?

It can literally be anything.  Your job might make you happy and that’s great because then you know you are in the right place doing the right thing.

The last thing you want to happen is to have wasted years doing things that don’t bring you deep-down happiness.

If you don’t know what makes you happy yet that’s ok, just take some time to make a note of all the things that make you smile and build upon it.

3. What makes you sad

As a human being it is important to know about what makes you feel happy, you need to know what makes you sad too.

I’m not suggesting that you go around trying to make yourself upset but there should be a driving force in you that wants to make that thing change..

For instance :

I hate people that bully.  I just can’t tolerate it, it makes me feel sad.

Because of this, I can’t be around people that I deem to be bullies. Yes, adults can bully just as much as children if not worse.

My heart will not allow me to be around such people.

The more you know about yourself and what makes you feel sad, you can understand yourself that little bit better.

I always wondered why I couldn’t hang out with the “cool kids” in school and now I know why.  I don’t like the exclusion factor so being a part of such a group would make me the same as those people. I couldn’t do that.

It makes me sad.


4. Are you introverted or extroverted

Whilst this might seem like a very basic question, it makes a big difference in understanding yourself.

Do you wonder why you are not the centre of attention at parties?

Do you consider yourself shy?

Or a person that doesn’t gel well with other people so you don’t have many friends?

Its a question you should definitely think about carefully before answering.

A lot of the time we allow other people to put us into a box and tell us what we are or are not.  You don’t have to listen to that.  Only YOU can know who you truly are.

I would say that I’m introverted but there are some others that say I’m extroverted.  I don’t think I am extroverted at all.  I am just more comfortable around some people more than others.

If I had a choice to stay at home or go out to a party, I would likely stay at home.

It’s taken me many years to finally understand this about myself and now I have peace with it.

5. Who is your role model?

Role models are great at showing us the things that we would like to see in ourselves.

There is nothing wrong with having a role model.

A role model is not about wanting to be exactly like the person but more about admiring certain qualities in the person.

Beyonce could be your role model, not because you want to sing like her but just because you admire her hard work and go-getter attitude.

List out the qualities of your role model and write down the ones that you would like to see in yourself.

Work on those.

8. What is your life goal?

One of the most important things to know about yourself is what your life goal is.

Without a goal, you can be left feeling aimless and without a purpose.

Once you make yourself familiar with what your life goal is then you can start to make steps towards it.

If your goal seems impossible don’t worry over it right now.

The you of today might not be ready for it but the you in the future will be.  If you take the small steps today you will get there by tomorrow so don’t think that your goal is ever too crazy or too big to reach.

Get your goal and write it down so you can look at it every now and again to see how much closer you have got to it.

9.  What are your values

Everyone has values whether you think so or not and it’s not just basic values such as you won’t ever kill anyone.  There are things that others do that you just can’t because of what you believe in.

Some people smoke cannabis whereas others won’t because of what they believe.

No matter what it is that you believe you must always stay true to yourself.

The moment you ignore your values is the moment you lose a little bit of yourself.

It’s ok if you change your stance on things through leaning but you should never just compromise because it suits everyone else.


10. Know your friends

Have you heard the saying, birds of a feather flock together?

Well, there is a lot of truth in it.  Your friends will be a very close reflection of you.

Take a good look at your forends right now.  Do you like what you see?

If you don’t then you know what you need to do.

If you do like what you see then you know you are in the right place and they will be the ones to help you realise your dreams and fulfil them.

6. Know what you are good at

Despite what you might think about yourself we are all good at something.

It could be something that is easy for everyone to notice, you might be excellent at sports or it could be something really small that people don’t see yet.

Unfortunately when people don’t immediately see the things that we are good at straight away they start to wonder what we are good at or if in fact we are good at anything at all.

That’s such a shame because not every talent is immediately recognisable.  Not only that you may not have come into contact with the thing that you are going to be good at yet.

You could be the best stock trader in the whole world but that talent is never going to be recognised when you are at school.

It’s important for you to know what you are good at and make it an area of personal development for yourself.

As I said before we are all good at something no matter if others think it is small or not.

The best news of all?  No one will be able to do it like you and that’s what makes you special.

How do you think there are so many recipes out there for bread but essentially they are the same thing being sold over and over again.

Never discredit what you are good at just because you think someone else might be better at it than you.


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