Tuesday, June 21, 2022

You want to start playing gambling " Regina Daniels Shocked her mother with her Ultrance

Nollywood actress Known as Regina Daniels who married a billionaire and her mother Rita Daniels have shared another

mother- daughter moment together while
playing a ludo game. In the new video that
Regina Daniels posted on her Ins tagram story,
she was spotted counting a bundle of 5000
Naira notes and a thousand Naira notes while she was intentionally   telling her mother that she would start gambling.

If this is how betting is, I want to bet for the
rest of my life, " Regina Daniels speaks  in
excitement after winning her mother.

Her mother asked her, " You want to start
playing gambling? Regina Daniels replied,
No, it s only with you. Just imagine all the
money that I won. " Rita Daniels jokingly said, "
And God Will Not Forgive You because you
have eaten all my money.
She further captioned the video she posted on
her Instagram story with the caption, " My Mum
Is So Pained.

Regina Daniels and her mother never fail to
express their love for each other on different
occasions by sharing different adorable
mother- daughter moments together thrOugh
sharing photos and videos online.

There is never a dull moment with Rita Daniels

and her daughter Regina because they always
appreciate each other' s wins on social media
on different occasions and make every
moment they share together a memorable one.

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