Saturday, July 30, 2022


Attention to all:

This is an important message that we must all read and forward to our people and groups. 

1. INEC will be using BVAS (Bimordal Verification Accreditation System) in the coming General Election. It is replacing the Smart Card Reader used in previous General Elections from 2015. 
2. It means before anyone with a PVC is allowed to cast his vote—the person must be accredited with the help of the BVAS Machine. If the person is not accredited, he will not be allowed to vote. 
3. The BVAS accreditation will be through thumbprint and Facial Expression. It means, once a voter’s thumb is placed on the machine, the person’s information on the INEC portal will pop up. If the thumbprint doesn’t work, the BVAS machine will be placed across the person’s face to capture his image-once, it is captured by the machine, the person’s information will pop up and such voter will be accredited to vote. 
4. The advantage of the BVAS is that it reduces rigging and electoral malpractices considerably. Now, a voter must be verified that he is the owner of the card before he will be accredited to vote. It is now one man, one vote. 
5. This BVAS Machine has been used in different Bye and State Elections i.e. Delta State, Anambra State Gubernatorial Election 2021, FCT Council Election in February, and the recent concluded Ekiti State Gubernatorial Election. 


We ran a thorough research on the functionality of the BVAS machine through the reports received from the places it has been used so far for elections. 

It’s just a common problem that was discovered: the BVAS machine couldn’t successfully accredit many voters through their facial expressions. Thus, many voters even with their PVCs were disenfranchised in those elections. 

This issue affect particularly the aged people and those whose PVCs were given in 2010/2011, 2014/2015. The BVAS couldn’t successfully connect their present images with the ones uploaded years back during the registration processes. 

We need to put a preventive measure in place now so that our people won’t be disenfranchised in the 2023 General Election. 


1. I would advise that those whose cards were given 2010/2011, 2014/2015, 2018/2019 should do revalidation which means they should upload their current images on the INEC Registration Portal. 

2. The Voter’s Cards from 2010/2011 does not expire. It is permanent. So, you won’t be given a new card if you do revalidation, it only means you have uploaded your recent picture for accreditation purpose in the coming election. 

So how do I revalidate? 

Kindly follow the following which is the same process for changing a polling unit:


*Transfer of Voter's Card!*
Don't go to join the long queue at INEC Office.

*Go to*
2. Services
3. Voter Transfer
4. Create account with your email address
5. Login with your email
6. Open the link sent to you in your email
7. Fill out the form provided and your new address
8. Go through your application to be sure no mistake
9. Save as instructed.
10. Use your phone to snap and upload 2 of your photos (First photo with serious face and the second with smiling face)
11. Submit
12. Wait for when it is ready and INEC send you message (on your phone and or your email) where to pick your card (around your new place of abode).

Don't just pray for good leaders, work by taking part in their emergence thru the ballot. 
Be involved!

Get your Voter's Card!!

It is your Civic Responsibility!!!.

*Please share to family, church, meeting groups, school alumni, town unions, pta, etc let those who moved/ relocated from other states or neighbourhoods use to redirect their voter cards. It's very important and convinient.

Those who have not registered can use it to pre- register. Then go to inec office for capture it's so convinient. 

Please please.

*If you are a registered voter, check your  status via link below. It is seamless, innovative and reliable. Simply Select your: 

1.) State
2.) Surname
3.) Date of Birth

If your details are not in the database please go and register. 

You may circulate!
It must surely end in thanksgiving.

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