Monday, July 11, 2022


I am a 48 years old man from ondo state, my name is Omojuwa Godknows . I graduated from the  prestigious University of Benin ,Edo state with a 2nd class upper division,B,sc petrochemical engineering in 2003.

After my NYSC in 2004 . I was full of enthusiasm and optimism to get a well paid job in the oil and gas industry, but my hope and aspirations was dashed in to the air after 7 years of joblessness. 

I became confused and frustrated because as at the time of my graduation not many people have B, sc petrochemical engineering because very few universities in Nigeria offers the course.

So i was wondering why i could not be employed after  successful aptitude test and interviews in some of the oil companies that promised to offer me a job. I was instructed to engage in 14 days fasting and prayer by a renowned prophet. He prophesied that a woman from my father side was responsible for my joblessness. She had vowed that i will never be employed so long as she lives on earth.

Having accomplished the task my situation remain the same. I discussed my predicament with a friend and he urged me to see a specialist for solution. He gave the name and phone of the Spiritualist as Chief Dr Francis Spiritual home . PHONE  +2349127422864. I contacted the spiritualist immediately and he asked me to visit him after three days which was on Saturday.

When i got to him he didn't ask any question about my purpose of visit, but went straight to explain the reason why am jobless after many years of graduation. I became perturbed with his  explanation owing to the fact that my joblessness was attributed to the same woman the prophet talked about.

The Spiritualist said i should go back home and bring my certificates and other necessary documents for sanctification because the said woman have sold my certificates in the coven. I went back and brought them the following day. The Spiritualist prepared a bucket of water with different kinds of Spiritual oil and perfume. He prayed inside the water and sprinkled it on my documents and asked me to bath with the remaining water at midnight.

The Spiritualist said the woman responsible for my problem will come to visit me and ask for money, but i should  give her the money. If i give the money she will set me free.
Certainly, when i got home my father sister came to demand for #200 and because of the instructions given to me i gave her the money. She now said your ways has been open from today .Obviously, my ways became opened after she made that confessional statement.

Within a month i was called by the human resources manager of NNPC to come for job placement over an interview i participated for many years. I went there and  finally got a well paid job.

I am compel to make this testimony to encourage the unemployed not to loose hope until your prayers are answered. Chief Dr Francis is a wonderful Spiritualist and he  deserved my appreciation. I am in deed very grateful to God for using the Spiritualist to unravel the secret behind my joblessness.

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