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A young nigeria man from owerri has cried out saying "I hate it when people accuse me of doing money ritual. I have never thought of it my whole
life. All I did was to attract wealth through spiritual means and I think anyone can do that as well."

The young man used a popular blog to express how his lavish lifestyle has attracted the envy and jealousy of his haters. He has been accused as been a fraudster or a yahoo boy. Today he is being accused of using human beings to do money rituals.

The accusations don't bother me too much but for the sake of many people who will continue to get the wrong idea and for the security of my family and close friends, I have decided to share my 

Life wasn't always this rosy few years back. I suffered from hardship known to regular people in Nigeria. I knew I wanted the best out of life as every other person does but I wasn't getting a go at it. I knew there was something I needed to do but how to do it I didn't know how to. This is to prove to you that I am not special but only opportune as any other person as well.

What I'm about to say might sound weird to many people. But believe it not anything is possible in the spirit realm. All you need is faith in your ability to attract wealth to yourself. I went asking questions and soon I got in contact with a spiritualist, Dr OHANU . I was sceptical at first until he educated me on what many people will be amazed at. He made me understand that there is more to life than what meets the eye. In summary, Dr OHANU positioned and channelled my mind to learn how to attract wealth to myself through pure African spirituality. It almost as if that everything I touch turns to gold. My life has changed.
I know you may be wondering that nothing goes for nothing with this spiritual stuff. Well, the best way I can describe that is that I have been living in affluence for 3 years now and my businesses have been booming. I live in my own house. My wife has access to every room in my house. I drive my own cars. I train my siblings in school. My family members are well and healthy. I just had my first son born unto me healthy. My wife is sound and happy. Hope you get the joke?

Here's the thing, until you understand the power of spiritual meditation and awareness, you cannot get things going on great for you. You can contact Dr OHANU and learn how to do that. Maybe you too can find out that it wasn't blood money that I did but a simple harmless spiritual exercise of money and wealth attraction. In case you want to contact the spiritualist at any time. Here is his WHATSAPP:+234-8088-077-395 . Maybe after that you guys will stop calling me ritualist. Peace

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