Thursday, July 28, 2022



This morning, the chief judge of Akwa Ibom state,  Ekaette Obot, committed an activist lawyer,  Inibehe Effiong , to one month in prison for appearing as a counsel to a lawyer, Leo Ekpenyong, the Akwa Ibom state governor, Udom Emmanuel took to court for libel.

The activist was sentenced to prison after he raised an objection why the jurist should order that two armed policemen be allowed into the court room on the judge's order.

The justice immediately wrote a committal order of one month in prison for the counsel and ordered him to remove his wig and gown. The judge did this after he had ordered out a journalist from Premium Times who came to observe and cover the proceedings.

The judge did this why he had yet to rule on a motion filed by the activist asking him to recuse himself from the matter on the likelihood of bias.

This is the height of judicial rascality on the side of the judge. 

I therefore call on all lovers of democracy and justice to rally round the activist lawyer and ensure his immediate release. 

Lawyers in Akaw Ibom and especially all branches of the Nigeria Bar Association in the state and its environs should boycott court proceedings henceforth until Effiong is released, unconditionally.

The judge's rascality and overzealousness should be investigated.

The judge should be petitioned before Nigeria Judicial Commission.

Enough of these nonsenses going on in this country.


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