Monday, July 25, 2022


A 47 years old man in Ogun state revealed the steps he took to become influential to many people in his community and the LGA.

He revealed the secret when our correspondence paid him a visit in Abe-okuta the capital of Ogun state.According to the political and business guru he became influential to many due to certain principles that he used to guide himself and inculcated same to those that wanted to succeed in life.

He has instilled the principles in  business, politics and other related activities that makes one great. The man who refused to mention his name stated some of the things that made him to be influential.He said the first principle is to earnestly believes in the existentialism of God and he never deviate to consult genuine men of God for whatever he wants to embark on his life. The consultation show him direction of what to do. He also said giving to the poor in areas of needs is another surest way of opening financial doors. Through giving he made a lots of friends who advised him especially when  there is a cumbersome issue that needs to be taken crucial decision.
The man further said humility as one of the principles that made him to be respected and influential in the society. He stated that humility made him to be accessible to many people. The man revealed that he met a Spiritualist during the trial period of his life and called his name as Chief Dr Ohanu Spiritual home, phone+2348088077395. The Spiritualist told him that enemies doesn't want him to progress in life , but imbibing to the above principles will make him fishers of men. The Spiritualist told him to be honest, faithful and sincere with people to become great and influential to many.

He prepared a bucket of water for him to bath and washed away the hands of enemies in his life. No matter the level of provocations from people, he remains unruffle. That is why he earns respect from the people.

Since after the encounter with the spiritualist, he strictly adhere to the advice and that made him great and influential among many people. He man equally advised that kindness and humility with love are the ultimate goal for any man to be great and influential among many.

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