Sunday, July 10, 2022


A famous and wealthy actor in the movie industry who didn't want his name to be mentioned revealed the secret behind his success in the industry.

The actor revealed this during an encounter with a popular man of God in Nigeria when the actor was under Spiritual attack that caused partial stroke in his life.

The actor said he became famous and wealthy not necessarily the numbers of movies he acted , but through a powerful Spiritualist who made him  to be famous and wealthy .According to him, when he started as an actor in the movie industry his intention was  to entertain people and make name, but  fellow actor told him that can only be achieved with some Spiritual powers.

So he discussed the issue with a co- actor who later took him to QUEEN MOTHER SPIRITUAL TEMPLE . He told the Spiritualist that he want to be famous and wealthy. The Baba gave him a catalogue of what to buy. He bought the items and gave them to the Spiritualist. The man prepared a ring and called it general love that will make him to be fame and wealthy.

The Spiritualist advised him to put the ring in his middle left finger and that will attract wealth and fame to his life, but warned him not to womanise .Any uncontrollable act of womanising will put him to short life span.

The popular man of God asked him whether he actually indulged in such act after the warning. He said yes because the ladies around him cannot be resisted going by their seductive appearances . The man of God said you digged your grave by your self. Don't you know there is advantage and disadvantage of  every action and inaction in life. 

The man of God later deliver him and   asked him to desist from womanising if he really want to live long. He further advised those who want to make quick money to play by the rules, if you don't want to wait for God's time.

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