Tuesday, July 19, 2022


Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko has been accused of going under a knife.
She was accused by her fellow actress, Luchy Donalds,
she also claimed that, she has been deceiving her fans and followers by claiming natural tummy and a$s.
Trouble started after Luchy Donalds took to her
Instagram page to share a video of her flaunting several
Gucci bags and other designers items she got for herself.
However, many fans and followers left nasty comments
on her page, wondering if Luchy Donalds really shopped from the designer shops indicated in the shopping bags.
Some netizens even dragged Luchy for faking the items saying the bags in the video were empty.

 her colleague Destiny Etiko in a now-deleted
post, also shaded Luchy by sharing a cryptic post on her page;

 she wrote 'Empty Bags, and some fans attacked her for shading Luchy.
Reacting to this, Luchy, in a post shared on her page, exposed Destiny Etiko for undergoing several surgeries
and claiming her tummy and ass are natural, adding
Destiny is bitter about the bags she shared online.

Luchy dares Destiny Etiko to drag her directly, and she
would be her worst nightmare adding she's calm and
doesn't ever look for trouble.
She said : So some idol who has been doing surgery up and
down claiming natural tummy and ass is bitter about my
bags.I am very calm but ask o hmm, I will be your worst
nightmare. If you drag me directly.
Keep coming indirectly for now. You make everything one
doing well your competition Ewu. Ask ooo I don't look for
trouble but don't ever dare look for mine... don't delete your
post idiot

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