Saturday, July 2, 2022


People chased Senator Ekwunife of PDP away at INEC Office Awka , Anambra State ,with the singing of Obi! Obi! Labour Party!!

Senator Uche Ekwunife who is the current
senator representing Anambra Central and
also the PDP candidate for the zone, was at
the INEC office, Awka to monitor the ongoing
voter registration excise.

She  is going to face her worst election in her political career with the
coming of the Labour Party especially as she is not only from the same Senatorial zone as Peter Obi but the same LGA.

Ekwunife who is very smart politically, went
there with soft drinks and small chops for
people that were there for the voter's
registration knowing too well that majority of
them will vote within the Anambra Central
senatorial zone.
Thereafter, she started talking about how
they are trying to make sure that INEC gets
more machines. People hailed her for that.
Then she moved to appeal to them to
remember PDP while casting their votes next
year, as she was stil talking, the crowd started shouting Obi! Obi! Labour Party all the way!! It was as if they
were been directed, but nobody did. The
senator was hurriedly rushed into her car and
she zoom off.

INEC later asked the security at the INEC office not to allow any politician to address those waiting to be registered for a vote to avoid what happened with Senator Ekwunife
which they said could have breached the security of the INEC state headquarters.

The popular view in Anambra State is that Senator Ekwunife is working with Atiku and people are indicating their readiness to end her journey in the National Assembly.

Source; Obidient Tv

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