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I am a 27 year old boy in Lagos State. I decided to join secret society to spoil my mother with money , because i don't want her to suffer as the only surviving son of six children.

When I wanted to join the secret society two options were given to me, but i decided to choose (financial independent) because that was my purpose of being a member.

In order for me to be financially independent for ever. I must pass through two tests. The first is #300,000  test. The head of the secret society will give me the money every day, but the condition is to finish spending the money before 12 midnight every day for 3 months.

The moment i past the first hurdles the money was increase to #500,000 dially for 6 months. I continue to spent as i will until the last month i mistakenly came back home with#21,500 after attending a night party. 

When i realized that it was already 6.00 am.i went back to Godsfather and lied that i needed another daily #500,000. Godsfather wanted to give me, but something within him signal to him that he shouldn't release another money for me because the one of yesterday have not been spent completely.

He demanded for answer and i cannot hide it from him. I opened up to him that i was left with # 21,500 on the dially money given to me. Godsfather said i have broken the law and i must face the consequences. The consequence is to submit my mother for ritual before i can continue with the six months allocated for me to complete the process.Meanwhile, i was only left with Six days to complete the six months.

When the pressure became so tense. I ran to Dr Edward Solution temple, 
phone+234808 802 3229 for solution. The Spiritualist told me to renounce my membership openly before he can help me. I went and denounced my membership as instructed by the Spiritualist. I came back to him and he asked me to buy some Spiritual items with a live goat to appease the spirit controlling the money I have spent so far as sacrifice.

Immediately after the sacrifice. I became free from their threat and the persistent demand for my mother for ritual was equally stopped. Dr Edward save me from a self inflicted untimely death, but my intention to spoil my Mother with money was defeated.

Though i didn't achieve my goal, but the idea of using my mother for ritual to continue with the journey of becoming financial independent and the dead threat was also stopped.

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