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A 42 year old Nigerian lady who lives in America narrated her story with so much surprise and bewilderment about her ex- husband.

According to the lady she called a Uber driver to pick her to her place of work, but the man looks like someone she knows right back in Nigeria. She couldn't ask him any question because people may have the same semblance without being brothers or people from the same blood.

She also suspected that the Uber driver was taking a glosstry look at her but he couldn't ask her too. When she returned from America to Nigeria. She went straight to  investigate the whereabout of the man in his place of abode , but nobody was able to give her his present place of living.

Some of his friends gave her a frightening information that the man is death in an accident. While some said they don't know his present place of living.

The frightening story didn't go down well with her and she decided to seek for Spiritual investigation about his whereabout so that if he is actually death. This is because she had a child for him during their marriage. Beside,she wanted to make the confirmation as the contact no of the ex- husband in Nigeria is still with her, but all calls are not going. However, the suspected Uber driver number in America is also with her.

She went to many prophets and pastors to know the true picture of the man who divorced her after given birth to him. Some prophesied the man is death , while others said he is still alive.

The lady who was visibly worried was later introduced to Chief Dr Ohanu Spiritual temple, phone+2348088077395
Address No 43 college road Mgbidi Oru west along owerri-Onitsha Exp way, Imo state Nigeria. 

As she got to the temple of the Spiritualist. The man told her that her  ex- husband is not death but was arrested and imprisoned wrongly, but was later released. He further said he is seeing the man in foreign country. The Spiritualist revelation correlated with her purpose of visit. She told the Spiritualist that she met a man in America that looks exactly like her ex-husband. 

She later went back to America and called the Uber driver to pick her. The man came and upon her interview she discoverd that the man was actually her ex-husband who left the shores of Nigeria to America after been victimized for an offense he didn't committed. They both reunited in America as husband and wife.

Chief Dr Ohanu is a Spiritualist with a different that deeply understand the deep things of the spirit. If you are still  doubting the credibility and efficacy of the Spiritualist. why can't you contact him for your problem.

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