Friday, July 29, 2022


I had the rare privilege to join 2 friends and Pro-Tinubu men who were called into a strategy meeting in Abuja...

I won't talk much, but kindly hear this and let it get to appropriate quarters.

They know Obi will win already, its obvious. The option now is to use every machinery possible to rig...

1. The BVAS - many of those that may be sent to strongholds of PO particularly SE and SS will malfunction or work slower. This can only be achieved in collusion with INEC. 
LP leadership should also raise serious warning, with a press statement and engage INEC on this matter.  

2. The network in these areas will be compromised and made so slow. They are willing to pay heavily for this. The network providers are in control of this and NCC too. PO Supporters and LP officials at the PUs, Carry all available network devices, mifi, WiFi, etc. If you have others, please carry them and if possible help. 
LP leadership should also raise serious warning, with a press statement and engage INEC on this matter. 

3. Electoral Materials arrival in these areas will be later than other parts. The idea is to frustrate voters and ensure they get tired and retire. Our voters should be put on the alert. Carry your food and drink and share with others. Wait there even if it is midnight we will vote and our votes must count. Stay until the end of the whole exercise and ensure we have our results sent immediately.

4. Electoral officers at the PU may be paid heavily and made to sabotage people. Be watchful. Do videos and take pictures of irregular activities. Monitor every movement of these officers and Adhoc staff. Our agents must be very sensitive and very smart people. Voters too should ensure maximum monitoring.

5. Causing violence in areas of LPs strongholds. They will come with threats b4 the elections and even during the elections. Don't be afraid, the plot is to scare voters away to reduce votes for PO. Hold yourselves together on clusters. Let your mobile phones become reporting devices that day. Record anything and everything. A central station where these can be sent will be provided.

6. We are on the alert and gathering as much info as we can. We need to ensure all areas are covered before February 2023.

Pass it on till it gets to appropriate quarters for actions. 


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