Thursday, July 28, 2022


A yahoo boy turned street to party after receiving £1.4m from a long time stubborn client in the ancient Benin city, Edo state according to the source.

The yahoo boy coincidentally received the large sum two days to his birthday and decided to celebrate it in a grand style. 
The yahoo boy invited alots of dignitaries from far and near for his birthday celebration.

When our correspondence interview the celebrant why this year celebration is unique. He responded that his dreams in life was achieved two days to his birthday day in a coincidental manner.

In his words, I have been pursuing a goal for over 3 years and the person who was to make me happy stubbornly declined until i met Baba who break the yoke of financial hardships in my life.

The yahoo boy said he contacted Dr Edward Solution temple, phone+2348088023229 for help before his stubborn client was convinced and paid £1.4m into his account. The Baba is a genuine Spiritualist who is a master for the game. This is because many Spiritualist were contacted to enable him catch the money, but they all failed the acid test after collecting large sum of money at different intervals.

However, Dr Edward didn't even demand for a kobo. He only asked me to buy the Spiritual items to be used to prosecute the task. The only thing he said was go and claimed your money and come for appreciation.

So after the birthday party. Special appreciation will be given to the Spiritualist who made him a big man. The yahoo boy was full of praises to the Spiritualist as he finally conquered his stubborn client through the help of the Spiritualist.

The birthday day party was characterised with fun fare every where in the venue. The yahoo boy who was the celebrant later took to the dancing floor with his dancing shoes and started entertaining his invited guest with different styles of dance following a concomitant spraying of money to his guests.

With the large attendees it became obvious that success has many friends, but failure has none is a true adage.

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