Monday, July 11, 2022


There was a pandemonium in Lekki Lagos State where a 46 years old woman cries out for help.

The woman confessed to have locked the heart of her husband against his people. The rich business man was neglected by all his people due to his behaviour that chased every one away in his family. He didn't have time for any body whether all his people at home are suffering or dead.

However,it became a surprise to his immediate younger brother who came to visit him at the instance of  their mother sickness. The man fought seriously against his younger brother that said he has nothing to offer and if they cannot contribute money to revive their mother, they should not call him for that purpose anymore.

The warning given to the younger brother over the sickness of their mother sound so strange and ridiculous. According to the younger brother, he left his elder brother house and source for money to take the mother to hospital.

Immediately after the mother was fully recovered and discharged home. He took another dimension to unravel the abnormal behaviour of his elder brother whom the parents suffered to pay his school fees in the university.  He went to Chief Dr Francis Spiritual home, phone+2349047754909. He told the Spiritualist about the ridiculous and strange behaviour of his elder brother. The Spiritualist said my brother is under the influence of a strong love spell that enable him not to have time for his relations.

The Spiritualist told the younger brother to buy back to sender oil and perfume with other Spiritual items to neutralize the spell and send it back to the sender. He said within 7 days the person responsible for the love spell will be exposed.

Few days later, the younger brother received a call from Lagos that the wife to his elder brother confessed how she locked her husband heart against his people. When the call was received he went and informed their aged mother about the confession of his elder brother's wife and they both moved to see the situation of things. Upon getting to the house . The elder brother jumped up to embrace his aged mother and the younger brother in a dramatic style. He took them into his inner room that he was caged against his people as confessed by his wife. So he asked her to pack her luggages and temporarily sacked her from his house to her parents .

The younger brother now replied with emotion laden voice that he discovered during his last visit over the sickness of their  mother that you are under the influence of a spell. So he met Chief Dr Francis for help and within seven days he received a call about the confession of your wife.

The elder brother apologized for the mother and the entire family for what has transferred between them unconsciously. He thanked the younger brother to take a bold step over his suspicion that has yielded positive results.

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