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As we shift into the New Earth, more and more people are becoming awake and there are many spiritual facts most people don’t know. Since you are one who is either awake or waking up, one way to be sure is you find yourself becoming more interested in spirituality than ever before. 
23 Surprising Spiritual Facts You Did Not Know

1. We Have All Died Before

we go to sleep (sleep mimics death), our spirit leaves our body as it quiets down and travels to many different realms, often to our “home” or the realm our spirit is from. We have met with our spouses, attended conferences and meetings, met friends, and have even gone to Spiritual Court for our wrongs, wrongs done to us, and to intervene for others. This process mimics death with the only exception that the spirit does not cut itself away from the body. The reason for this is that there is a particular exit point where the spirit leaves the body when it is making it’s final exit.

2. A Fetus is Without a Spirit Until Birth

pregnant, the spirit that will inhabit the child travels alongside the mother as guardian and protector of it’s own body. It is not until birth that the spirit and body fuses together. This often causes a sudden cry from the baby when that fusion happens. When the spirit fuses with the body, it loses all memory of it’s spiritual life within the realms. It has now become human.

3. We All Have “Keys” That Connect Us to the Spirit World

These “keys” act like a GPS system within our physical body, guiding the spirit as it travels out. In our daily functioning life, these “keys” are also our internal indicators. Imagine someone has a walkie talkie in the spirit realms, this is connected to the individual on Earth. So if you are about to face danger, we will feel in these “keys” or “points” a sense of warning. You can find these “keys” if you have a certain area of your body that is sensitive to touch; either ticklish, or causes a shock or sudden vibration. For some people, when these points are touched, it sends the person into possession immediately. These points can often be the feet, the stomach, the ears, the eyes, or absolutely anywhere on the body.

4. On Every Street Corner lives a Family of Spirits

 No matter where the place is in the world, a family of spirits lives at these areas. They are often the cause of car crashes and accidents, but they can also save lives. They are neither good nor bad, simply wayward beings searching for light. Street lights often attract them. I’ll give you a tip that an elder once gave to me: My sweet Padrino once told me, “Once in a while, when ever you cook, if you have any left over, put some into a bag or plate and put it at the street corner. Whisper to them [the spirits], ‘watch over my family as we pass to and fro. Protect us.’ ” You don’t have to put down food but you can always say the prayer.

5. You Have Never Seen a Ghost Without it’s Permission

Ever seen a ghost before? If so, it is only because that entity has allowed you to see it. When a spirit leaves the human body, that spirit’s frequency automatically rises. In order for the human to be able to see the spirit, that spirit must lower it’s vibration. If the human were to raise his vibration to match the spirit, then… well, you couldn’t be human

6. Ringing or Beating Ears is Not Someone Calling Your Name 

have probably heard that if your ear rings, then someone is currently talking about you. This isn’t true, but also not completely wrong. The ringing means that something wants your attention. Most often when the ears rings or beats, it is an indication that your spirit guides/guardian angels want to give you a message. To find the message, consult a competent diviner to see what that message could be.

Parents, Siblings, Friends, and even Enemies Are Apart of Your Spiritual Contract

 When it is time for a spirit to come into being, he chooses his parents, his siblings, his friends, his enemies, and even who (or what) will kill him. The reason for choosing is because his life must be orchestrated in order for his mission and purpose on Earth to be achieved. (Note: Not all missions are good missions, but all are certainly necessary).

7. Spirits Exist Everywhere but There’s No Where They Love More than Church.

 Every spirit loves sound and high frequency. This is their best way of communication, this includes the “negative” beings as well. Wayward spirits, errant spirits, and more beings are drawn to the constant music,  jumping and praising that happens in churches. It creates vibrations that fills them and attracts them. So for every Sister Sheryl and Brother Desmond, there are 20 good and bad nonphysicals waiting for his turn to be the Holy Ghost.

8.  Beggars are Essential to Human Existence.

Many of them are actually volunteers on Earth. With their role as beggars, they volunteer to help carry the burdens of society. With every dollar you give, a problem is solved, removed, or lessened for you. But the secret is that the ‘give’ must not be a selfish one. Give from the heart, and you shall receive relief. (Note: Beggars don’t always have to be sitting on the streets, they can even be your annoying uncle that always needs to borrow some money. In this case, do not lend  him, give it to him. Asking him to return it is simply asking to return the burden). If you have a particular problem you want to rid yourself of, pray on the money before giving it to the beggar. Your wish is their command.

9. Throw Away Your Food, Throw Away Your Prosperity.

Not all food, but bread. It is a belief in many cultures, but it is actually very true spiritually: Never throw away bread. If you don’t want it, wet it and crumble it so that it is now “spoiled”, or it is better to just give it away. Bread is actually grains which can not be counted. Spiritually, it represents wealth. Throwing it away is symbolic of throwing away prosperity.

10. Any Major Event in Our Lives Must Come First in Our Dreams.

This is a fact. Will you be wealthy? Will you be married? Will that person die? If you didn’t see it in your dreams (or if someone else has not told you their own dream), then chances are – it isn’t going to happen. Why? Because our human lives are illusions. Anything we think is real, actually isn’t. This means that before we can “manifest” something to become real, it must first be created in the spirit world before it can manifest in our lives. This is also why foreseen things can be changed. The only place this doesn’t apply, is if you are given the message of a major event through some form of reading or divination.

11.  Every Union Benefits Both Persons.

you have ever been in, is beneficial to both of you, no matter how tumultuous that relationship is. Before you leave, or while in it, you would have gained something you never had before. Arguments and fights aren’t good but they do allow for introspection and can take 1 or both of you to the next phase of your life. Think back, what have you learned from your last (or current) partner? If your answer is “nothing”, then you just haven’t discovered it yet.

12.  The Younger the Child, the Older He is.

 Every new born that comes into this world is spiritually older than his/her parents. These are old souls that have either volunteered to come in, pay their karmic debts, raise consciousness, heal, or participate in any other thing concerning the evolution of the world. What is new with this new person is the physical vehicle that he is existing in, but the real and true him/her is the old spirit that resides inside. Always respect the child as you would an elder.

13. The Disabled are High Spiritual Beings.

  Anybody that you see that comes into this world as disabled, the human vehicle is too low to carry the high vibration of the spirit within.  This weakens the human body and it becomes what we know as “handicap”. This is especially true with handicaps who come into the world without speech. These people are very high spiritually, almost angelic. This is also why many of them can not live long because the spirit outweighs the vehicle. That’s all for now everyone. Did these spiritual facts surprise you? I hope so. Be blessed and always remember to pass on knowledge ?? Obara Meji

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