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Many individuals who listen to music on a regular basis understand the power that it has in provoking emotions and thoughts. Music has the ability of altering one’s experience so that their day can become magical to a level where it may even become spiritual. When an individual connects with the music that they are listening to it can release a selection of different sensations, as well as a feeling of release and solace. However, music also has a number of other influential factors and can even influence the genetic code within each one of us. It does this through our thoughts and through how we relate with one another.

1. A sense of the chills

One may often feel a chill down the back of the spine when they are listening to music that they enjoy. This was found in a study that showed that over 90% of us had felt this. Whether you feel it or not all depends on your personality and those who have a sense of being open to experience are more likely to feel this chill. It was also found that people who were open to experience were also more likely to see music as an important activity.

2. Happiness is increased when listening to music

It was found in another study that when we try and feel happy it is a useless endeavor. A study carried out in 2013 by Sheldon and Ferguson showed that individuals who listen to classical compositions that were upbeat were automatically trying to feel a sense of happiness, and were lifted in terms of their mood. This study showed that when we try and engage with music it gives us more of an emotional experience.

3. The act of singing can bring people together

It has been found in a study that singing can bring us together and this was showed when a large number of pupils from a Finnish school took part in a music class that was extended. The results were that the individuals who took part felt more satisfied when they were carrying out other tasks within the school. The study also showed that we find happiness when we synchronize with other individuals and this is what took place when everyone sang together.

4. Heart disease can be treated by music

Anxiety and stress is one of the main causes of heart disease and a study showed that when music was enjoyed by over 1500 patients, it reduced the blood pressure and heart rate that lead to anxiety and heart disease. (a 2009 study by Dileo and Bradt).

5. The ability that sad music has to make us happy

Sad music has the ability of allowing us to manage our moods, and we will often listen to the music. This leads to a cathartic effect on us which results in an improved mood.

6. Happy faces are seen

Music has the ability of making you give a facial expression which suggests the way in which you perceive the music you are listening to. This means that when you listen to music that you enjoy, your facial expression will also be one that is positive.

7. The effect that music has on color

A study was carried out in 2013 by Palmer et al, which showed that individuals connected colors with certain pieces of music. Sadder pieces of music would result in darker and more dull colors, where as happier pieces of music would result in bright and vibrant colors.

8. The ability that music has at restoring vision

When an individual has a stroke it is often the case that the visual part of the brain is damaged. The patient may then not be aware of certain objects and may have trouble seeing them. Studies have shown however, that when these patients listen to their favorite music, the vision was restored.

9. Babies love music

It has been found that individuals who are only five months old will respond to music in a rhythmic way and connect with it more so than speech. Zentner and Earola conducted a study in 2010 that showed that babies will dance in a spontaneous way to different music and will enjoy it by smiling.

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