Monday, August 8, 2022


A very rich young man Daniel Onyemaechi from Anambra state cried out to the public for a rescue over the attitude of his uncle.

Daniel, has been a successful business mogul for over 6 years. He is into import and export business that made him to be extra- ordinarily rich. He placed some of his relatives on monthly   salaries including his big uncle.

However, his uncle secretly planned to kill him because of his money and connived with some persons to attack him spiritually. The attack was to kill him, but fortunately mr Daniel was unharmed as a result of an initial protection spell in his body.

The next day, he decided to seek for further Spiritual protection and a woman introduced him to Chief Dr Francis Spiritual Home  PHONE  +2349127422864 The Spiritualist in his further examination confirmed that the spell would have taken his life,if not God. 

He fortified him against his enemies with a protection oil after washing away the hands of enemies with a spiritual soap and water. He went back home and continue with his business and payment of the salaries to members of his family.

Surprisingly, his uncle fell sick and during the process. He confessed in the full public glare that he wanted to kill me with a Spiritual attack and inherit my properties and business because all my children are still young.
He became perplexed and dump founded considering the money he have spent on my 
My uncle. He left the place with annoyance.

In case you are suffering from any kind of Spiritual spell or attack. You may contact.Chief Dr Francis  Spiritual Home for Spiritual cleansing and

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