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A pretty lady who doesn't need men to take care of her expressed concern over the attitude of men towards ladies
The 21 years old pretty lady who lives in portHarcourt,River state said most of the men take advantage of ladies when the ladies shift  their responsibilities to men. According to the lady she was a victim of a trap set for her by an ex- lover, but if not for the grace of God who used a Spiritualist to rescue her from a ritualist she would have been a dead person by now.

The first man she befriend pretended like a Messiah to her. He seems to be like a saint and saviour to her. He provided all her needs and steadily gives her money on dially basis, but not knowing he was a ritualist.

The guy took her to a shrine and the Baba in the shrine told her that she  would find it difficult to have a settled home with who ever that want to marry her, except she do something about it. She asked for what can be done since her lover is with her. The shrine Baba said she should make love with her guy in the shrine and use her pants to clean her body. Thereafter, drop the pants with him and pay #10,000 for the service.

Infact ,her ex -lover decided to double the money for the Baba and became curious to have sex with her because as if he love her most. She would fall into the trap, but deceived the Baba and her guy that she was going through her period.

They left the shrine and she informed her friend about the development who is more experienced and exposed than her. She took her to Dr Francis Spiritual Home, phone+ 2349127422864 who revealed that her boy friend is evil and wanted to use her for money ritual. The Spiritualist told her not to visit that shrine anymore. This was how she became save from her evil minded and pretentiously over jealous ex- lover.

She warned ladies to avoid shifting their primary responsibilities to men especially now that kidnappers, ritualist and yahoo boys are everywhere taking advantage of ladies. These people are criminals that uses mostly ladies to execute their plans.

The reason why they uses ladies is because they buy pants for them,buy shoes, wears, creams, perfume, and pay for their hair styles with many solely relied on the men for their dially up keep. How would such people will not take advantage of them. It is highly very slim when you have such person has your man who may not think otherwise now a days.

She said this testimony is quite germane to the public especially ladies who doesn't want to work and depends on their boy friends for everything things. The moment you have knowledge of happening around you. The risk of being a victim will be minimised.

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