Wednesday, August 17, 2022


My life has been exemplary to many people who had been backstabbed, and labeled with  many unpleasant stories in the past. 

I am 49 years old from Ebonyi state. I noticed that the spirit of God in me makes me to be a winner both academically, spiritually and physically. 

People who are my so- called confidant that shared almost every thing with me backstabbed me, they tells unfounded lies about me. 

When i discovered this and asked the suspected ones among them. They gave me flimsy excuses and denied the role they played. 

Also in my place of work the extreme jealousy of the staffers makes me to isolate myself from actively engaged in any task assigned to me .I became rejected as i cannot bring out my best inside of me to bear. 

One day, the deputy director of my place of work came in unexpectedly and gave 3 of us assignment. The task was cumbersome and really took us time to deliver. I was the  second among the three to submit the assignment given to us. 

After looking at the works .He gave me excellent for being dutiful and knowing the exact thing to do. 

That was the beginning of my battle. My enemies outside the office connived with my co- staff and use their demonic power against me. As a result of the spell, i became rejected among my peers and those accorded me respect due to my winning strategy were blocked by the spell not to see me as any thing. 

I was like a lone ranger. I read a book about Dr Ohanu  temple, 
phone, +2348088077395.. I contacted him and discovered through the Spiritualist that my enemies blocked the eyes of my helpers not to see me. He placed me on a strong Spiritual assignment and gave me materials to use. Thereafter, I got to know whom i am as i got to know Dr Ohanu. 

And one thing i am learning is that I am a winner,no matter who is passing is my race. The better you know Dr Ohanu the earlier it will be to see your self as a winner in every circumstances regardless of what happens or how you feel. If you are interested in reading a sure way to win. You may contact Dr Ohanu  temple on the above address.

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