Thursday, August 11, 2022


An acclaimed clergy man in Lagos State whose source of power from the kingdom of darkness was exposed in a Sunday service.

The 53 years old fake man of God in his usual form was trying to deliver a possessed woman from the spirit of irresistible sexual behaviour was converted by the woman to her kingdom.

Members of the church were amazed about the sudden abnormal behaviour of the clergy in the church. The woman said she was sent from the kingdom of darkness to caution the fake man of God on several occasions, but he refused to stop his fake deliverance.

The whole church members were confused when the clergy man started misbehaving. He was talking out of sense as the woman continue to torment him. According to the woman , they gave him power to deliver people into their kingdom when the fake man of God was seeking for power. Instead of him to do the work assigned to him, he decided to deliver members of their kingdom from the spirits of darkness. That is why she was sent to expose him.

As at the time of filing the report, the acclaimed clergy man cannot control himself to know whether what the woman was saying is true or false.

The Sunday service was dramatic and the fake man of God  misbehaviour persisted. Elders of the church took him to a renowned prophet for healing, but the prophet told them that only his mouth will deliver him. The elders became jittery and the clergy man was later moved to Chief Dr Ohanu Spiritual home, phone. (Zero eight Zero eight eight Zero seven seven three nine five)  for treatment.

The Spiritualist said again that the clergy have involved himself with people from the other world and he reaffirmed the prophesy of the renowned man of God that only his mouth will save him. The Spiritualist said he will offer him treatment that will make him to speak normal after 7 days.

The Spiritualist listed some Spiritual items to the elders of the church and they went to the market and bought them. He started the treatment for 7 days and the fake man of God was able to discoverd himself and speaks reasonably. The Spiritualist asked him the source of his power and the acclaimed clergy man confessed that he got his power from the kingdom of darkness.

The elders of the church who disputed the claims of the woman were annoyed and decided to abandoned him, but the Spiritualist cautioned them to take him to the church and confess this in the present of all his church members otherwise the madness will come back strong and may lead to his demise.

The elders succumbed to the advice of the Spiritualist and took him to his church on Sunday where he openly confessed to the members that he got his power of healing and deliverance from the kingdom of darkness.

The members of the church were angry over him and abandoned the fake man of God with his family. Some of the church members  who were sick, but delivered through him pitied the man and decided to stay with him since he had confessed his sins and never do bad to them.

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