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There are many families affected by generational curses. Often times many may wonder why their lives and the lives of their families goes a certain way, not knowing or realizing that there is a curse within the family. Unlike what many people think, it isn’t always someone being upset at another and cursing them with a bitter tongue, (this power in rare in most humans but it is very real among others) and is more potent at a certain time in a person’s life, unless aided by 

The law of rhythm brings things back around full circle. Yes our divine source thought of everything, human beings are indeed wicked and will curse a whole generation just for spite, yet it may fall back on them, if not now then perhaps later, and if not on them, then on extensions of them in the future. We must be responsible for our actions, yet for some people vengeance is more important than the well being of their generation to come. We must think of tomorrow.

Before I speak about the generational curses we know of in the diaspora, I want to talk about generational curses through other, more powerful, means. There are certain power words, especially in the African languages or dialects, that are used by knowledgeable people to bless or to curse. These are simple but very poweful ways of issuing curses or blessings to whomever one chooses. However, persons holding these kinds of knowledge must and will have the wisdom to know if, how, and when, they should use it as curses. What the population needs to know is that when a curse is uttered deliberately and with power, and it connects, it will not only affect the person cursed but his seed there after for years to come.

For example: It is natural for spiritualists to blow their breath upon a spiritual device in ways of activating it. That breath actually creates a force or forcefield within the moment of that work. You are telling nature, time, forces, all things to pause and listen. You are entering a space with that breath and your incantations, so blowing that breath pauses all things around you because what you are about to say is either a blessing or a curse so all things must listen. And after you have said what you said, things can now begin to move and act.

Some power is already within the air and can be accessed through words and utterance, but the other power, such the device as mentioned above, is more dangerous. All things have power within them, and if one knows the secret of certain things, just uttering simple words (cat, dog, snake, tree) one can call forth that power and use it as either a blessing… or a curse.

But many people don’t know that there are two sides to everything. For instance, some curses are meted out by persons who are grieving, and through this persons grief they may curse not only the person who caused them grief but also their families. And then there are the ones who, while grieving, will deliberately issue the curse knowing that the reality of their pain will allow this curse to manifest. Now there is a difference between these two. The former, while the person is grieving, they utter the curse through their pain without thought; but the latter, while in grief, they have already thought about the curse before uttering it.

Any of these two can and will affect the persons that they are sent out after and their future generations, but the latter, just because he/she knew what they were doing, they have now created their own repercussions because there is no fooling the Universe.

Also know that the Universe is like a Warden. If one chooses to curse someone and that person is wrong while the other person is innocent, that curse can indeed backfire. Many people with power and secrets believe such power can be used at any time and in any case. This isn’t true. The Universe will always judge fairly. 

There are so many things in life that can affect the human being coming from a spiritual place. Generational Curses affect many people unbeknownst to them. Some families will have young people that may seem like they have all it takes to make it in life, but still nothing can go through for them. There are some fathers that have hurt all the women they have ever met in their lives, and along the way one woman cursed him. Since then, all of his children are now met with problems in their relationships. Perhaps constant abuse, or failed relationships, or otherwise.

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