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Often times challenging the benevolence within you, because of the evil and wicked acts they throw, but it takes a steady hand and extreme precision to be a surgeon, the same as it takes discipline, good heart, courage , faith and love to keep true to your benevolent nature. Before every human being on this earth, there are always two choices in life and in every decision, it is either this way or that. Innately we always know the correct choice, but often times because of circumstances and even character a person may go to the extreme.  There are consequences to life choices, especially if a person chooses wrong.

Many of us are born with power. I repeat, many people were born naturally with power. Whatever they say manifest and even their thoughts (usually when extremely upset or even crying) read here, have to power to kill and destroy. Yet they do not know it.

Who are these people, and why are they so powerful, so much that their tears can destroy a village and unseat a King. Many of them have no idea of the power they hold, they have never been apart of any society, neither are they initiates of any practice, often times their own power goes unnoticed to them, and some, when they do realize, try to tame their words and thoughts, while others take advantage of their new found power by raining curses on all and sundry. This is why human beings should be mindful of who they offend. No matter the foolish expression of a person, making them look or act like an idiot, their spirit may be your elder, and their “Head” stronger than your own. Treat everyone with respect, no matter their social status, education, race, color or creed, respect everyone, a mad man or even an animal. Be mindful of who you offend in this life, even if it is a child, a baby just birth from its mothers womb deserves respect.

When my first child was eight years old, I hit her one day, I do not remember what she did, but it rewarded her a slap (I do not normally beat my children). That night as I slept, a woman came to me in my dream, she was fair in complexion and looked between white and Spanish. She had my daughter with her standing beside her, and she asked me why did I hit the child. I was shocked at the nerve of this woman asking me about my own child, and as I thought that, she interrupted my thought and said in a stern voice;

“The Child is not your own, you are only to care for her, she is not your child, never hit her again! she warned and with that I jumped from my sleep.I never hit her again.

I realized that the child like all children had her own guardian and they, the guardians will come after even the birth parents to defend their charge!

We all come from different worlds, and some of us come here already armed with power, if you have already embraced you spirituality and find yourself interested in all areas of spirituality and even tradition, wanting to learn more, hungry for its knowledge, then you are one of the many who are here, powerful and strong.

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