Sunday, August 28, 2022


A Nigerian man (name withheld) who lives in Rivers State, from Uyo, reveals the means how he was poisoned and how he was delivered.

Here is his statement;

Please, I won't expose my name to avoid embarrassment. Am a native of Uyo in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

I am a very successful businessman and I do have good heart towards humanity.

I had a bad dream of myself eating in the dream with men on white. During the morning, I discovered that I have swollen stomach (substance moving inside my body). I have carried this fate for 3years with pains. I have visited many fraudsters called herbalists, take many spiritual medications - yet no solution.

I have already given up on myself, not knowing what to do, who is attacking me and why this evil on me.

One night, I was feeling tough pains in my stomach and I called a friend of mine, telling her that I will die tonight. She shouted and promise to take me to a strong spiritualist, she said she knows.

I told her over on phone that "it won't work out for my miracle"; she plead with me, while within me: I have already see that night as my last time on earth.

To GOD, who have made it. I woke up with more swollen stomach and internal pains, so unbearable for me at that peak of my strength.

She took me to her spiritualist, he ask me to perform some assignments (not to be reveal) without shedding any animal or human blood. Just simple spiritual assignment. And within 6hours, I regain my whole self and no more pains.

It is wickedness that, I drop this testimony without referring anyone with SPIRITUAL PROBLEMS, FINANCIAL DIFFICULTIES, ACADEMIC CHALLENGES, MARITAL ISSUES, BIRTH HARDSHIP to him.

Chief Dr Francis Spiritual Home,
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