Tuesday, August 16, 2022


I am an indigen of Akoko in Ondo state. I just clocked 36 years on the 6th of last April.

The reason why i want to make this testimony is because of my inherent and uncontrollable desire to get quick money that ruined me and my family down.

I was comparably rich among my peers, but greediness and desire to be rich quickly brought me down completely.

My problem started when i visited an herbalist for a blood money. The herbalist said before the ritual can be done. I will buy a spiritual water which is not readily available with him, but it will cost me half a million to import the water.

I gave him the money and two weeks later he called me that the Spiritual water has been imported. I went back to him thinking that my desire to get rich has been granted.

Unfortunately,when i  got to him, he showned me the blueish Spiritual water, but to my disappointment. He asked me for another #300,000 to buy other Spiritual items in the market. I reluntantly gave him because i have already committed my hard earned resources to it. He went to the market and came back few minutes later.

He went into his shrine and asked me the person i want to use for the ritual. I was confused because he never disclosed that to me. So i didn't have any option than to look for the person. I went back home and within few days i went with a disabled man to the shrine and the deal was stroke.

When i got back home instead of getting money from the ritual and expound my business. There was no money coming out of the ritual. My business became at it lowest ebb. While my family members were infected with sickness.

I began to move them from one hospital to the other for treatment to an extent that i don't have money to provide for their dially upkeep.

I was introduced to Dr Ohanu Solution temple, phone+2348088077395 to find out what is affecting my life. The Spiritualist told me that i was ruined down because of my desire for quick money. The Spiritualist further said the disabled use for the ritual is the cause of my problem. He told me to confess with my mouth both physically and electronically to appease the spirit of the disabled used for the ritual.

I therefore  with  whoever that read this confessional testimony to find a place in your heart and  forgive me. It was my quick desire for money  that  ruined down my life and the family. Contact Dr ohanu on ( Zero eight Zero eight eight Zero seven seven three nine five)

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