Wednesday, August 3, 2022


A 44 years old man  in Edo state confessed that,he will die ,if he help his siblings financially because he gains his wealth from a brotherhood.

The man confessed this when he was confronted with an unknown sickness that took him to a popular spiritualist.

 According to the man he was financially handicapped after he left school and all efforts to get a job for his living became extremely difficult.

He searched for a job and cannot get any to maintain his immediate family. All his friends who were working in different organizations refused to help him with money, not to talk of providing a job for him to manage.

His wife and children were helpless as a result of his predicament. They manage to survive through some daily  odd jobs. He became tired of his situation and decided to join a brotherhood that made him to be financially stable and Successful.

His friends and family members discoverd that he has arrived considering the acquisition of wealth and financial bouyancy. They now comes around him for help. He has forgotten the rules and regulations of the brotherhood, but recalled an adage which says, success has many friends, but failure has none.

As the pressure for financial demand was too much for him. He wanted to help, but remembered the warning given to him by the brotherhood of not helping his siblings and if he violate the law, he will die.

So when the sickness was about to kill. They took him to Chief Dr Faraji Voodoo temple, phone number (ZERO SEVEN ZERO, NINETEEN, THIRTY-FIVE, SEVENTHY-FOUR, FOURTY-FOUR). The Spiritualist in charge of the Voodoo temple asked him how he acquired his wealth because the ancestors are not help with him. It was during the period of interrogation he confessed to the Spiritualist that he got his wealth from a brotherhood.

He further stated that he has not been able to render financial help to his siblings due to the warning given to him by the brotherhood. He wanted to assist them, but if he try it he will die and leave his family to suffer because no one can continue with his wealth.

The Spiritualist told the family members to rescue him from the sickness by providing 3 live cows and some Spiritual items to appease the gods to enable him survive the sickness.

They went and bought all and the Spiritualist did the sacrifice for him . He then started the treatment for 5 days and the man recovered fully .ln case without any medical treatment. In case ,if there is any body that sickness beyond human understanding. You may contact Chief Dr Faraji Voodoo temple for solution.

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