Friday, August 5, 2022


A bosom friend of mine introduced me to the baba that made me rich without ritual or blood sacrifice.

The 42 years old man from Anambra state said my life will be completely transformed as soon as i see the baba and explain my situation to him about my condition. I don't believe it initially, but later decided to give it a trial owing to  poverty ravaging my life which has  subjected me to a state of dispair since after my university education.

I thought it will cost me much to meet the baba, but the Spiritualist is a wonderful man that doesn't need your money and truly it happened.

When i met the Spiritualist in Dr Francis Spiritual Home, 
phone+2349127422864. I explained my life and the problem facing me as a young man. The baba has been a thorough Spiritualist who started to solve my problem by knowing the root cause. Having seen the cause of my problem after the consultation of the ancestors. He told me to provide one live cat. I thought i have come to another one chance Spiritualist, but far from it.

The Spiritualist said my problem is a small challenge that he will going to surprise me as soon as he finished his work with me. He took me inside the temple and baptized me against Spiritual armed robbers stealing my blessings.

After the Spiritual baptism, he took me to the river bank and sent the live cat out spiritually for my prosperity. I came back home and surprisingly all those who earnestly promised me before and failed started calling me for assistance. Within a month i have earned up to #4m from the assistance of people around my community.

Whatever, i lay my hands on anything money Begin to flow from left and right. I couldn't believe my eyes considering my past and present situation. There were no ritual,nor blood sacrifice, but it was just an open door that was closed against me .When my friend introduced me to the baba that he will make me wealthy. I considered it like a play because how can a man be made wealthy without a job, blood sacrifice and money ritual? 

But to my greatest surprise and happiness the baba has made it happened again in my life. This was how i become a wealthy and rich man. Many may ask why this testimony, but i can tell you categorically that the Spiritualist surprised me beyond my imagination.

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