Saturday, August 6, 2022


A  49 year old single wealthy business man revealed the Spiritual benefits of not getting married .

The single wealthy business man said he is still remain unmarried owing to the spiritual benefits he enjoys. He listed the benefits among others as freedom to personal life, benefit of always remain sanctified and secretive and benefits of being spiritually strong to over come spell of retrogression and stagnation. He also said ,he makes more money to avoid the enormous responsibilities of woman.

He made this revelation during a pre- birthday golden celebration speech . As a wealthy business man his family members were not comfortable with his age as he remain single. 

However, news men further asked him to explain the real motive behind his single status in spite of the wealth he acquired coupled with his age. He went further to explained that he got his money through Spiritual means and that is the instructions given to him. The single, but wealthy business man equally said many rich and wealthy men could not discipline themselves in the area of women that is why their wealth cannot last long. Since women are full of evil Spirit .Any man who wants to make it in like must be very careful with them.

According to the single wealthy business man. His family was  very poor as a result of marrying many wives pushed them back to penury. That is why he cautioned himself until God connected him with the right Spiritualist, Chief Dr Francis Spiritual home, 
PHONE  +2349127422864  He met the Spiritualist in his quest for Spiritual money and made him to be rich and wealthy.

His refusal to marry attracted a lots of accusation from his family members and the public, but he remain unperturbed.

The wealthy business man said when people don't know your aims and objectives of decision taken. They will accuse you of many imaginary things. He opened up to say that he will be getting married when he clocked 50 years in fulfilment of the Spiritual deed.

The single wealthy business man by next year will be a married wealthy business man. The man now asked, If you got married and remain poor for the rest of your life and got married at the age of 50 and remain wealthy til you obey the call of God.which one will you prefer? 

I want mature mind to give me answer to know whether what i did is wrong or good, but in any case the choice is yours and you are only accountable to your personal decision and actions in life.

In case you want to be connected and guided to be rich. You may contact Chief Dr Francis for help.

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