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It is often said that the secret things belong to God and the open things belong to us.

A 36 years old lady in Imo state revealed that she use to be raped in the dream whenever she had a pregnant. According to her an unknown man usually appears in her dream to rape her whenever she is pregnant.

Any time she had this nightmare within few days she will always have miscarriage. She told her husband about this recurring problem and they have met many Spiritualist for solution, but her situation remain unchanged whenever she is pregnant.

This incident has made them to seek for solution in different places, but it appears no one was capable of finding a lasting solution to it. The periodic incident has made them to spent all what they saved in the bank.

When all hopes were lost, she read an on - line publication about a Spiritualist who is well rooted to provide answers to such mystical problem. The publication made emphasis about the spiritualist named CHIEF DR FARAJI VOODOO TEMPLE, PHONE+23407019357444.

She contacted the spiritualist and booked appointment with him the following day. As someone that is conscious about the solution of her problem. She told her husband and they both went there together.

As they arrived at the Spiritualist temple. He welcome them and started telling them where the problem is coming from. He said there is a woman who is living the same compound with her that disguised herself as a man to sleep with her in the dream. Any time she had this nightmare her pregnancy will terminate voluntarily.

He said her problem will stop and she will put to bed Successfully ,if they can buy some items listed to them. The husband went to the market and bought them. The Spiritualist prepared   a bucket of Spiritual water which she used to bath at midnight.

Since after the encounter with the spiritualist,the woman became pregnant and the incident of rape in the dream no longer occurred until she put to bed a baby girl.

Few weeks later, the woman confessed that she was responsible for the miscarriages through rape in the dream just because of a mere misunderstanding between the two of them. The woman further said they are many in the coven assigned to terminate pregnancy.

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