Tuesday, August 9, 2022


I am a 45 year old married man with 3 children from Rivers State. My wife has been an helper to me, but never knew she was the one responsible for my to success in all my endeavours.

As someone that is still under the influence of youthful exuberant with money . I flexed around with babes and enjoy with them whenever i goes to work. I  slept with ladies and splashes money for them, but surprisingly any time i have affairs with any girl outside. My wife will detect it and continue to warm me to desist from such extra marital activities.

I was pondering in my mind whether she had spies going around with me that are feeding her information. One fateful night my  wife woke me up  and said she would have waste my life,if not because she loves me from the bottom of her heart. I asked her why. She jokenly replied that ever since we got married all the girls that had sex with me were an open secret to her.

According to my wife ,she is the one that made my finances and if I refused to stop my extra marital activities. She has no option to show me she brought all the opportunities to me and can wreck havoc within a day.

I shunned her thinking that she was just claiming power that doesn't belong to her. So i decided to continue with my life disregarding the warning from my wife. Surprisingly my investment began to collapse one after the other. Within a day i lost up to 3 big investment ranging from filling station to fishing trolley. The fuel station was engulfed on fire and the fishing trolley sank in the sea.while my super market was attacked by armed robber and carted away large sum of money.

I quickly recalled what my wife told me and went to beg her to forgive me. She replied me with a smile that she just showed me little about her power. I couldn't understand my wife despite her claim.i was not satisfied .So I went to see Dr Edward Solution temple,
phone+2348088023229 to find out what is really happening. 

The Spiritualist said i should go back to my wife and beg her seriously to stop further attack on my investment because she is the brain behind my riches and success. The Spiritualist also said my wife is very rich inside the river as a river goddess and she wanted me to be rich as well. She can open the door of riches and can shut the door against me.

I became frightened and went back home ,bought a wine to beg my life for forgiveness. She now declared that she will open the door of unlimited riches for me on the condition that i will stop sleeping around with girls. I agreed with her and within few months my business boom again. As i stopped sleeping with ladies. The door of unlimited prosperity  actually opened and i have bound back unlimitedly in every area of my life.

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