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The woman was said to have been on marital solitary confinement got married to a handsome young man was extremely happy. She narrated how  members of her family and community called her different names as a result of been single. Some called her sterile lady,while others referred to her beautiful, but nothing girl.

As a trained  medical doctor and a believer she was not perturbed because she knew her condition will not be permanent and  her husband is on the way. Based on her faith she refused to mess up with her body.

However, she became slightly disturbed and worried when she clocked forty years owing to the fact that she was getting closer to menopause age. The fact that she was neglected despite her relatively good financial status.marriage  was also a concern to her. One Monday morning a patient in the General hospital where she works stylishly interviewed her about her prospective husband. She replied her with a golden voice that her marriage has been scheduled by God already.

The woman was not satisfied with the answer and she decided to drop her phone number with her in case she may need help. When the patient was discharged from the hospital. Lady Joy continue to ponder about her statement. Few days later she called the woman phone number and explained  her situation. The woman said to her that her case is Spiritual and only a God fearing Spiritualist can handle it.

Lady Joy was subsequently introduced to Chief Dr Francis Spiritual Home,
PHONE  +2349127422864  The Spiritualist said she should thank God for the woman that brought her to his place.

He further told her that an enemy from her  paternal side vowed that she will not have husband no matter how beautiful and financially Successful. The Spiritualist directed her to a spiritual shop and purchase some itemized Spiritual materials. He used the materials to prepare my husband locate me oil and soap to bath for 7 consecutive midnight and watch out for the next few days.

Obviously after the said days her uncle slumped and confessed that he was responsible for her problem of not having husband. The man died after confession of all the atrocities he committed.

A month later a handsome guy who is also a pharmacist fell in love with her and eventually got married with a colourful wedding that attracted the high and mighty in the society. Luckily for her she had a pregnancy and delivered twin bouncing baby boy and girl within 13 months of marriage.

In case you are in a similar situation with her. I urged you to contact Chief Dr Francis for solution. The Spiritualist made me to have breakthrough over my enemies.

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