Wednesday, August 17, 2022


Any one who will not increase you will inevitably decrease you. Every good and perfect gift is from above 

As a young boy of 25 years old. I discovered that most of my friends and people coming around me were destructive to my future. 

The greatest gift God gave to me was himself and the greatest gift i can give God is my self.So when i realized this i decided to dissociate myself from them in order for me to grow. 

Based on my decision to cut off from the people. Some of them who are demonic ganged up against me to destroy my life because they have seen the gift of prophecy in me. They connived with girls and asked them to seduce me for love. Unknowing to me my dream life became affected. 

I abstained my self from sex, food and hot drink for some days .I became spiritually conscious of myself. The moment they discover that i am spiritually aware . They sent me an arrow of impaired vision. The gift of prophecy was sharply reduced in my life. 

I fasted and prayed over it but i couldn't regain my Spiritual vision until i was introduced to  Dr Ohanu Voodoo temple 
phone +2348088077395.  who set me free from prophetic bankruptcy and backwardness. 

This was how my gift was rekindle and i became prophetically high . People came from all walks of life to receive their prophesy. Doors of finance, promotion, divine connection were opened to those who seek for help. If you are willing to receive SAY AMEN.

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