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Nigerian Defensive War Against Terror!sts.
Until Nigerian Authorities take decisive measures against insurgency, and band!try in the North, the menace will continue unabated. Current Nigerian Government has been treating those criminals and rap!sts with kid gloves. Late Sanni Abacha once said, “If an insurgency lasts for more than 24 hours in a country, there is internal collaboration with those at the helm of affairs.

The bulk stops on the table of Nigerian ruler. The lackadaisical approach by him, and leadership of the Armed Forces, to end this war against terror!sm, has given rise to suspicion of connivance with the terror!sts and band!ts.

The question begging for answer is, “Why are the Armed Forces, fighting a defensive war against those murd€rers and rap!sts? They give much space to them to operate; to the extent that they allow miscreants to lay ambush frequently, and attack the soldiers, k!lling them like animals. They also sack them from their bases and barracks. You see soldiers running helter skelter for safety like rabbits!

Ordinary soldiers on the ground are not to be blamed, but the hierarchy and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. Soldiers operate according to instructions given to them. If you instruct them not to first attack the enemies, whenever they see them in the battle front, they will obey. If you also tell them to only respond when attacked to defend themselves, they will do so. That is the situation of Nigerian soldiers fighting B*oko Hara*m terror!sts. There have been reported cases of soldiers attacking and k!lling some terror!sts. The military authorities court-marshaled them. Some of them were sentenced to death.

Army of any nation which cannot put down insurgency, can never win any external war. Nigerian military of the 1980s and 1990s, especially were very competent in their combat operations. They were sent to some places like: Liberia, Sierra-Leone, and Dafor to restore peace. They fought gallantly and subdued the rebels. They succeeded mainly due to the clear command given to them, and high level of equipment and motivation given them.

In those years, Nigerian soldiers were highly respected all over the world, when it comes to peace-keeping. The situation has deteriorated so much to the extent, that our Soldiers and Policemen are being ambushed and k!lled daily by rag-tag insurgents. And nobody is doing anything serious about it.
Most of the Soldiers and Policemen being sent to the k!ller zones are Southerners. They are being kidnapped, and k!lled on regular ambushes, and surprise attacks on their bases. Why have the terror!sts gone to the extent of mounting road blocks, on the highway in Borno State with impunity? There is more to it than meets the eye.

This ding-dung affair with insurgents is a deliberate policy on the part of Nigerian Authorities. Who are those benefiting, from millions of Euros and dollars being given directly to the terrorists to fund them; in the guise of paying ransom? Mysterious massacres, and disappearances of Southern soldiers in North East of the country, should be thoroughly investigated.

The recycling of terror!sts is not helping matters. Soldiers would risk their lives to fight and capture hundreds of terrorists. They will be briefly detained. And before you know it, they have all been released and sent back home. The explanation is that they have undergone spiritual cleansing; and are now clean; after murd€ring many people and impregnating girls and married women.

A lot of them either rejoin their terror!st groups they were in before their capture, or are directly recruited into Nigerian Army. The danger in it is that there is direct communication between terror!sts recruited into the military, and their colleagues still in the terrori!st camps. Then, how do those insurgents get accurate information, to successfully lay ambush and strike Nigerian soldiers, as well as overrun their bases?

Terror!sts recruited into the military, are being used mostly in the Southern Nigeria; to mount road blocks, to engage IPOB, and other opponents of the ruling Cabal. Most of the soldiers at the check-points in the South are 

Northerners. They are there to intimidate people, and extort money from motorists and traders. Northern soldiers, including B*oko H*aram intakes, are also deployed in the oil sector to guard. They are there to make money.

The mild approach to terror!sm and band!try in Nigeria by Authorities is strategic. The overall objective is to conquer land, and make the country home for Fulanis, scattered all over West Africa and beyond.

One of the cardinal objectives is to use these unofficial Fulani Armies: terror!sts, band!ts, and Fulani Terror!st Herdsmen, to kill and displace people from their ancestral homes. Then, replace them with Fuanis who are making influx into the country from the North border. Armed nomadic cattle rearers, are not left out in the scheme of raping and taking over people’s farmlands.

Nigerian Government has tried several other obnoxious strategies, to take away communal lands, and give them to roaming Fulanis. They tried RUGA, and it failed in the South. As well, they attempted to enact laws through National Assembly,  like the Grazing Bill, to forcefully take over people’s land and give to Fulanis. It has failed so far.
The Nigerian Fulani ruler, came up with planned seizure of coastal land, which was rejected by the past National Assembly. Now, it has been reintroduced in the current Assembly, being dominated by the ruling party. The desperation to take over people’s land for these rapists, must be addressed urgently.

The overall aim is to allow Fulanis in any part of Africa to come colonize us again. They want to do to us, what they succeeded in doing to the Hausas in the North. Now, they have completely obliterated the Hausas. It all started with the Hausa people, sympathetically giving out their land to them for grazing, after persistent appeal. Soon, Fulanis infiltrated the territory and dominated everywhere. Today, all the Emirs, Governors, top military officers, and top Government officials, are all Fulanis..

This domineering agenda has to be stopped. That’s why we are clamouring for actualization of Biafra. Armed band!ts springing up all over the North, continue with their evil agenda of ki!ling and displacing people, with little or no challenge. Buhari once said, “Fight against B*oko H*aram is a fight against the North.

Coalition military strikes is overdue. We make passionate appeal to US President  and his coalition, to launch military strikes on the third and fourth, world deadliest terror!st groups operating in Nigeria; as well as their splinter groups camouflaging as band!ts. It is long overdue. Hundreds of thousands of people have been killed, tortured, adopted, raped, and 

impregnated, by the combination of B*oko H*aram, Fulani Terror!st Herdsmen, and other band!ts, operating mostly in the North. They are wrecking much more havoc than ISI.S, before the latter was decimated by the coalition forces. Nigerian rulers condone their nefarious activities; while sometimes aid and abet them.

No amount of critisms against the Government, will move them to stop the widespread ki!lings, going on across the country. Their conscience has been shared with hot iron. They use the violence and k!llings all over the place, to perpetuate themselves in power. They are religious bigots. See how Pastors are being shot dead, and their wives kidnapped; in Enugu, Kaduna and other places. Recently, the Chairman of Christian Association (CAN), in Adamawa State was adopted and later ki!led by these terror!sts in cold blood. This Government is the worst thing to happen to Nigeria. We are under the stranglehold of illiterate and callous rulers.

We pray God to use USA and its coalition partners, to replicate what they did in Syria: to decimate these rapi!ts, terror!st gangs; hiding under false religions. God Almighty will pay back all the terror!st gangs and their Northern elite sponsors.

Written By
Evangelist Joseph U. Afurobi.

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