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A pretty 39 year old lady from Oyo state lamented over her situation that no man has ever approach her for marriage until her encounter with a Spiritualist.

The pretty and charming lady said she was more or less a lone ranger despite her beauty right from when she became a mature girl.

According to her , many of her friends who are not beautifully and characteristically better than her got married in their early twenties, but no man was coming to her way. She took it upon herself to accompanied her friends to attend birthday parties thinking she may meet someone that is interested in her, but none of the guys shown interest.

She thought it was ordinary and waited for the appointed time that her future husband will locate her. So she wasn't worried and still believing that a day will come for her to shine.

Another thing that makes her not to be disturbed was due to the fact that many of her friends always break away from their partner with any little misunderstanding. Instead of them to mend fence and continue with their relationship they part away from each other and the little disagreement will be irreconcilable.

In view of this,her interest of keeping a boy friend became reduce and began to develop absolute apathy for men. However,ever, when her age was getting to 25 years without knowing man.it became a thing of worry to her  parents, brothers and sisters. They asked her one day about her proposal or future partner. She replied with a fainted voice that she has not met a man before in her life.

The mother became increasingly worried because how can a beautiful girl of her nature claimed not to have seen a man in her life? The mother became jittery and decided to seek for solution.

The mother took her to Dr Edward Solution temple, phone+2348088023229 for Spiritual solution. When the Spiritualist consulted the ancestors he told the mother that the lady face was covered with a black clothes. 

The implications of this is that no man will be interested to approach her for friendship not to talk of marriage due to the black clothes covering her face. The black cover in her face is Spiritual and deceptive to those who may develop interest in her.

He told the mother 
to buy a new black clothes for her and asked her to wear it  for three days. Thereafter the Spiritualist asked her to pull it off and burn it to ashes. He further sanctified her for the attraction of men.

The Spiritualist told the lady to go back home and promised that within 14 days a man will come to seek for her hand in marriage and when the man comes she shouldn't waste time to give him her love.

Assuredly a guy came to seek for her hand in marriage and they eventually got married. Few months later the woman responsible for the delay of her  marrige confessed that she decided to punish her because of envy.

The lady decided to make this public because the spiritual actually control the physical. If any one say there is nothing in this planet earth, such person deceive him or her self.

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