Thursday, August 11, 2022


If Egypt was in porthacourt😳😳🤪🤪

Portiphers wife: Joeboy lap!!

Joseph: Maley, wetin sup?

Portiphers wife; Joeboy, you wan cap me say you no dey see say my kpekus dy drip for you😋😋

Joseph: Tarrrrrh, disembark from dat careless capping, on how senior man lap the unit con kporrr me ontop ur kpekus, maley na blood over stain

Portiphers wife: u Dey Jonee? See this smaller oo. On how i dy set compass giv u make u for taste wetin ya seniorman dy enjoy, u dey cap vertically. Joeboy u dey fear? Your liver no strong🤪🤪

Joseph: Maleeeey, based on spiritual things and things, make i cap you. Em say give wah belongs to ceaser to ceaser. Your kpekus belongs to my senior man and me Joeboy no get doings for dat kin matter

**Joeboy walks away while Portiphers wife pretends to be sober and sheds fake tears**
Portipher returns and meet her in dat state

Portipher: Banney, wida naa? Na wetin make joy soap no come board, 

Portiphers wife: No be your boy, Joeboy, Upon all the bannies for the unit, Joeboy swear say na for my kpekus him wan chook him rod😩😩😩

Portipher: Joeboy lap!!!!!!!!!🙄🙄

Joeboy: Senior man, Wida na wetin sup 😳

Portipher: Joeboy, u way I carry from street,make I rise u, make ur future for fine,, u dun dy do do, dy jump jump, dy clap clap, dy shake shake waist😤😤for where my banny dey

Joeboy: I no comprison ur caprisone, cap me the legit🙂

Portipher: My bannie cap me say u been wan chop her kpekus😡

Joseph: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 🙆 senior man, d person weh play u dat tape, him face no show, him shoe no shine😩😩

Portipher: Esssssssssss, where you? You dy try tell me say i dy cap vertical? On the zero zero hour, i go jazz u down, put am for ur body wotoporiously u no go fit shout die it, I Dey send u go SS3 boys hostel ngwa ngwa

Joseph: Ahhhh Senior man sympathy

Portipher: where you? Die it😠😠 Infact jazz out,

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