Tuesday, August 16, 2022


A 38 years old man was stuck inside of his side chick in an undisclosed hotel room and was caught by others.

The man who has been sleeping secretly with the lady in different hotel was stuck inside and all attempt to separate the duo became impossible.

The manager of the hotel contacted different kinds of people both medical  doctors and traditional medicine practitioners for help. They tried all possible means to separate them, but all with no avail.

The police was invited to the scene in order to prevent the owner of the hotel for prosecution  in case  of any possible sad occurrence. The hotel was full of people particularly customer's who patronises the hotel.

At about 2:39 pm the duo became tired and might likely give up the ghost. Among the sympathizers who were meanly customers. One of them said there is a Spiritualist who can separate the two of them. He gave his name as Dr Ohanu Solution temple 
phone +2348088077395. The Spiritualist was contacted by the manager of the hotel. He pleaded with him to come for the rescue of a man and female  that has been stuck inside together.

Within an intervals of 1 and half hours. The Spiritualist arrived and saw the people languishing in pains. He brought out a prepared Spiritual water and sprinkled it to them with incantations. Under 20 - 30 minutes the duo was separated in a full public glare.

Infact, those in side the hotel were happy for the job due to the fact that Dr Ohanu didn't demand for anything before he started his Spiritual work to separate them, unlike others who demanded for huge amount of money at first but couldn't discharged their work effectively.

Many that came to patronised the hotel started contacting Dr Ohanu on (Zero eight Zero eight eight Zero seven seven three nine five) and exchanging the address of the Spiritualist for further contact, because he proved himself as  someone that is perfectly ordained and endowed with the powers of the ancestors.

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