Wednesday, August 3, 2022


The love for money because of material things have landed a 21 years old girl from Edo state in trouble.

Miss Rosella popularly called sweety was in danger list after sleeping with a yahoo boy for #200,000 a night. According to the girl she lost her underwear inside the hotel room they both slept together.

In her words, I took my bath as early as 7:30 am in order to check out of the hotel, but in the process of dressing up.I discovered my  underwear was no where to be found. I began to search for every corner of the room, but all efforts proved abortive.

She asked her guy about the underwear whether he saw it .He grew annoyed with inflammatory words . She decided to leave because asking him further questions may ignite fire between them. So the best was to avoid him

She packed all her belongings including the #200k and went out of the hotel room. The guy also accompanied her to the gate and they went to their separate direction. She thought in her mind that with the money she realized for the night she could able to buy a new underwear better than the one she lost in the hotel room.

Unfortunately, when she got home. She started perceiving a strange sensation in her private part. She thought it an ordinary scratch, but few days later maggot was coming out of her private part. She became scared with the development and told one of her friends. They went to a nearby clinic for medication, but instead of having a cure, the maggot continue to come out of her body.

She was advised by the nurse to see traditional doctor for cure and was introduced to Chief Dr Faraji Voodoo temple. phone number (ZERO SEVEN ZERO, NINETEEN, THIRTY-FIVE, SEVENTHY-FOUR, FOURTY-FOUR) Immediately she got to the Spiritualist. He asked her whether she lost her pants somewhere recently. She now narrated what transpired during a lovely night with a guy in an hotel room.

The Spiritualist told her the missing underwear was used for money ritual. The girl collapsed with lamentation. Chief Dr Faraji started to battle for her survival with a spiritual therapies for 3 days before he overcome the attacked. The strange sensation stopped and maggot coming out of her private part ceased.

She decided to give this testimony on the social media platforms to advise ladies the new strategy of yahoo boys who are now using the underwears of their ladies to make money ritual.if not Chief Dr Faraji she would have died because not every Spiritualist knows how to provide solution to such problem.

In case you are a lady with such experience in the past. You may contact Chief Dr Faraji for a permanent solution. He uses both Spiritual and tradition powers to solve problems affecting human beings.

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